This recent study was a continuation of previous research and design work, including the focus groups from the AFG Next conference and some early prototype work from our UX designers.

360 View of the Customer is a feature that represents the customer-centric approach we are taking to product design. The design concept is that the key customer information that a broker needs is always at their fingertips in one spot.

In this most recent activity, we interviewed 17 brokers who validated that our design concept will solve the following broker pain points that they experience with using FLEX:

  • Brokers cannot efficiently find customer information, due to FLEX’s transaction-focused design.
  • Customer record maintenance is time-consuming and often leads to much double entry of data. In particular, when it comes to managing Opportunities and Applications
  • The current technology does not support efficient relationship-building tools and capabilities
  • Missed opportunities to convert new customers or win repeat business because relevant information and insights are not readily available
360 research

Once the interviews were finished and the outputs analysed for insights, Annie and the team went away and designed a new prototype for the 360 View of the Customer. This prototype was shown to the brokers we interviewed and the initial feedback was positive and constructive.  

 We would like to give you a sneak peek of how the design is looking. Bear in mind, this is only a prototype – the design will continue to evolve and the final user interface elements (such as colours and styles) need to be applied. 


  • This is a prototype. It does not have any visual styling applied to it – think of it as the floor plan for a house rather than the finished home.
  • This is conceptual – we need your help to understand if you want all these features and if they will be used. We are not committing to delivering these exact features in the absence of validation from our brokers.

In this example, you can see the following information on the Summary tab:

  • Contact details
  • Personal information, such as address, job title, DOB, spouse, dependents
  • Tags for capturing customer interests and grouping customers into mail lists
  • Active Opportunities
  • Privacy Consent validity
  • Notes, Task list, and Key Dates
Customer 360 prototype

We would love to hear your thoughts on the 360 View of the Customer concept.

We encourage the Research panel to be open and honest and share their thoughts and insights.

Perhaps you have you seen something that you liked or disliked?

Would this feature help you become more efficient or convert more sales?

Please comment below with your feedback!


  • Avatar Linda Brnjich says:

    From Mark (admin to Linda / Broker) :
    Privacy notice : (top right), I was under the impression there was no expiry date to the Privacy form signed by clients? Why is this here? Where as the Credit Guide (or current name) of services has an 18 month renewal timeframe with same client/s?

    Existing home loans : One that can catch out (us) for a returning client is the original LVR of an application. If there was a way to squeeze in the original LVR at least (as Vals would have changed, etc), it shows if a re-think on lending will need some detailed investigations for LMI issues. This can even help with a during-loan-term pricing request, as the LMI/LVR issue can affect existing lending options.
    Also, in this section, the example is of 3 applications for 3 loans, which is fine, but how will it present a single security, with 3 loans in 1 application (which is more common ie. 1 bank, multiple loans).

    Customer ID : Showing this may not be required? I can only think of a handful of times in 15 years when I have searched on Customer ID#? So, you might save the visual space and data? Similarly, the Record Created date is a nice to have possibly? but not commonly referenced, so again maybe save the space (visual clutter) and place it on some data page somewhere else (popup?)?

    “Last logged in” would seem to be important when we’re swapping information and docs with a client and need to know if they’re possibly seen a note or task.

    Dependents : “Names” fields would be helpful for future reference and client relationships (with birthdays?)… birthdays as we return to a client and need to represent an accurate children’s age again, so it helps.

    Interest Rate (and Discount) : On the loan list, should have a way of showing qualified by back-channel data. If / when the actual current rate is broadcast (LIXI 2.0?), then it would be good to see which rates are from monthly data or which are not being updated as that lender may not do so?
    Opportunity : On the Finance Due Date, perhaps have : 01/10/2020 (10) . The (number) is “business days until due date”… this is to provide a guide as to urgency, etc for that opportunity. Business days for more realism of work days possible, etc.

    Loans List : Right align the Loan/Limit amounts for traditional presentation of figures. Preferably spacing out the $ sign to left front with space to numbers (for clarity).

    Loans List : Using your Red Alert algorithm data, you could highlight any of the listed loans and there recent analysis status. ie. if tagged as a Red Alert, then it should show with a marker of some sort for visual awareness.

    Loan List : “Purpose”, which? You need to break it down to either the Residential and/or the loan or both. ie. The Cottesloe property is their O/O residence, but the loan relates to another Investment property (not showing up on this list) as it’s clear Title. The couple had already paid off their O/O home debts a while ago. So, the property is O/O (for addresses, etc), but the debt is Investment. The other 2 applications/loans were also established in reverse. At the time, the Balga property supported the debt for the Beechboro property and vice versa. So, yes they are both Investment properties and loans, but it would be helpful to show the “true” debt purpose based on a link to security or other means for the actual debt/s. Of course, multiple requirements when the Property is O/O & there is an O/O debt as well as 2 Investment debts linked to that 1 application.

    Loans List : You’ll need to consider how a “cross-securitised” application will be displayed. So, you have an O/O property with debt, and an Investment debt all within the same application and bank (of course). How does it list it?

    Loans List : Next to Settled date perhaps : 17/04/2018 (29) this shows the number of months since settlement. It’s a quick guide for all sorts in the team, ie. if (8) = Claw back, If (38) = reverted from the initial 3 year fixed term, If (54) = Should be at this ~$Balance if repayments standard… etc Often, we need to calculate the term remaining, so it’s quick and easy to reference this figure (out of standard 360 for example).

    UIX team/person : there might be a reluctance to introduce “coded” figures and information in the layout due to lack of intuitiveness… this should be weighed up with the need to go in and out of sub-screens for the actual details. I think 1 page has everything, even if a bit ‘coded’, is better for users as it’s just there… you can print it, work with it on a 2nd monitor, etc, etc. Once a users learns the interface, then it’s not an issue anyway. An alternative is “beginner” user status (showing limited details), “advanced” user status gets the good stuff squeezed onto the page! :-}

  • Avatar Linda Brnjich says:

    From Mark (admin to Linda / Broker) :

    Still thinking about this screen….

    We have numerous client’s, who for their own reasons may be a couple on an application, but choose to purchase a property in 1 name only. Also, we have combined applications, along with single applicant applications active within the same couple (again for their own purposes). This should be considered in terms of how you present the Customer (focused on screen), whilst referencing their partner (as a link and secondary customer).
    You may need to indicate by Initials (at least) who is linked to each application on the Home Loan list.

    Another item to consider is “previously” active applications/loans. It is common to refinance a client and then at times the trail of how they got to where they are over time is easily missed/lost. Having their existing (closed/discharged) applications/loans would be a help…. assuming you’re sorting on “settled” date so they’re at the end of the list?

    A custom field for notes/comment could be helpful, as it allows a team to store permanently some fact about the application/loan that may not translate through the application and data. ie. “Couple divorcing, MA is trying to refinance out FA – comms only through broker (FA is choosing to use another broker).” So, it could be a Flag that there is a note, or an Edit icon within each row (each application?) to pop a window for comments, or activate the right side comment stream – related to that item?

    • Jenna Byrne Jenna Byrne says:

      Hi Mark and Linda,

      Thank you so much for your detailed feedback!
      We would love to talk to you about your ideas and walk you through our design. We will be in touch very soon!

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