In July, the Research team kicked off a wave of User Experience (UX) studies for Broker Portal. These studies are being run by our Senior UX Designer, Annie Stanley, and our Research Analyst, Jenna Byrne.

These studies are usually one-on-one sessions, run over Microsoft Teams, with a small number of brokers that are selected from the Research Panel. This approach ensures we capture meaningful insights efficiently. We choose brokers that represent the different user personas (e.g. brokers, managers, admins), and the different types of broking businesses (from the sole trader through to the small enterprise).

Each of these studies focus on a different feature and have different research objectives. Ultimately, the outputs of the research are being used by Annie to design the user experience.

The first UX study, 360 View of the Customer, was completed in August. This feature is now in design phase and will soon be handed over to the development team to build into Broker Portal. The Research team are now working with a group of brokers on Product Selection, and we have an upcoming study that will focus on Workflow Management.

You can read all about the 360 View of the Customer study here and find out the latest on the Product Selection study here.

The next research study will focus on Workflow Management. If you are interested in participating in this research study, click here.

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