SMART Completed

SMART Website Upgrade

Customising your SMART website, your way.

Our brokers asked for the freedom to customize their web presence, optimise their site for search engines and the ability to match their design choices with their brand. And they needed this backed by industry standard analytics and campaign tools.

In response we developed our new website content management system (CMS) designed with intuitive management to enable both beginners and advanced users’ access to the tools they asked for.

Project Outcome

Full editing capability

Adding personalization to SMART websites is now as simple as editing content, copy, images and layouts and saving changes for immediate updates.

Custom Pages

Adding new pages, product information, promotions, campaign landing pages, blogs and publishing news articles is now easily managed through the SMART website administration panel.

Tracking and Analytics

Traffic coming through SMART websites is tracked via Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Tracking Pixel – all of these services are now easily managed and activated via the SMART website administration panel.

Custom branding

SMART website users now start with their professionally designed template and customize to their own brands with a range of fonts, images and colour options tailored for their brand.

Management control

SMART website administration has been simplified with Single Sign On (SSO) access with one login across the entire AFG Suite. And additional SMART website administrators can be added for support staff and third parties.

AFG Smart Website Template

Make your SMART website your own

It’s the perfect solution whether you want to completely change the look of your website, make small edits or do nothing at all. The choice is yours. For advanced users, we’ve added features like website analytics and a tool to add campaign tracking pixels to your website.

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