Project X Completed


More business, less paperwork

Our brokers asked for a digital customer information collection
tool that would allow them to gather the right documents and
right information at the right time from their customers to
facilitate a speedier approval process.

In response, we developed Customer360.  A digital customer information collection tool that gives a broker the ability to deliver a frictionless and user-friendly fact-find to their customers and is the key to ensuring a good experience to get their applications moving faster.

Project Outcome

Frictionless customer experience.

Move on from the drip feed of customer information, follow-up emails, calls and meetings. Start a-fresh or greet your customers with a range of pre-filled data straight from your records, presented in your own Customer360 branded tool ready for them to kick-start their application process.

Talk answers, your way.

Start your meetings with the information you need to talk answers, present solutions, and build your customer relationship. Collaborate side-by-side with your customers, work remotely or request information before your meeting.

Security for your customers, safety for your business.

Move your customers from unsecured emails and document attachments to the security of enterprise grade data storage and transfers. You can rest assured knowing that your information collection process is compliant and audit ready.

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Upcoming improvements

The following are known issues and are being prioritised by the team:

When an invite to use Customer360 is created for a new customer in Flex, it can take up to 5 minutes for the account to be created in Customer360

  • Resolution: This is being worked on, but a release date is yet to be confirmed.
  • Work-around: Should your customer want to access the portal straight away please wait a few minutes before sending the invite to them. If they do encounter the issue, they can re-try the invite link once the 5 minutes has elapsed.

An issue exists when a customer deletes either an asset, liability, income, or property in Customer360 that was previously saved in Flex. The record does not get deleted in Flex when the customer submits the application in Customer360.

  • Resolution: This is being worked on, but a release date is yet to be confirmed.
  • Work-around: Please ensure you review supporting documentation and re-confirm that all records are correct should you suspect something has been deleted

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