Project X Under Development


We’re redesigning the broker experience to create a platform that vastly improves the quality of customer experience and outcomes, increases efficiency across processes and tasks and facilitates opportunities for business growth. 


Our platform is purpose built for modern brokers with direct broker input and engagement at every step of our design process. We’re pushing the boundaries of our technology to open new possibilities and capabilities for brokers, which will create a seamless solution that helps define the way brokers will want to interact with their customers in the future.

The aim of the new platform is to:

  • Improve a broker’s ability to acquire, engage and retain customers
  • Provide a holistic view of the customer so brokers can more proactively connect & communicate
  • Improve workflow management and efficiency
  • Enable brokers to engage digitally with their customers
  • Capture quality data, whilst leveraging third party technology and open banking
  • Increase quality & compliance through a more intuitive experience

To enable brokers to provide the best outcomes, they need to keep their customers front and center at all times. How we will help them is by providing brokers a 360 view of their customer. This is where all the key information regarding their customer will be accessible in one place. For example, contact information, past and in progress applications and their current financial position.

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Broker Portal WIP
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Throughout the observation phase of our product design, the Broker Portal team have engaged extensively with broker focus groups to uncover deep insights and understanding.

Focus group research has then been analysed through lens of over 8 years of broker data from over 3500 brokers to build a data library that enables the mapping of broker user requirements across customer management, engagement, communication, processes and workflows and integration with third parties.

As the team moves through to design thinking and architectural design phases development they will be rapidly prototyping and engaging in a user testing and feedback loop designed to develop a complete picture of how modern brokers want and need to interact with the technology platform now and into the future.

Broker portal milestones