Customer Portal Beta finished in October and thank you to all the brokers who gave it a test drive and provided us with valuable feedback. We really appreciate you taking the time out to give it a go! Our Product Manager, David Kim, has been having one-on-one conversations with all our testers about their feedback and ideas for how we can improve Customer Portal.

If you didn’t test but are still keen to check it out, please let us know at

Feedback and Insights

The opinions on Customer Portal were diverse, to say the least! Some brokers loved it, some brokers saw the future potential, some brokers discovered some bugs for us, and some brokers just didn’t like it for a variety of reasons. Here is a snapshot of some of the commentary from brokers.


Broker First Impressions

First Impressions

There were loads of great ideas for making Customer Portal even better, including:

  • Adjusting the language to a more customer-friendly tone
  • Reordering questions for a more natural conversation flow
  • More user guidance and help tips
  • Allowing multiple applicants to collaborate in the portal (not just the primary)
  • Separating Document Upload from Fact Find as a standalone tool
  • Using the portal to verify expenses only

Next Steps

The beta study identified that there are brokers who are keen to use Customer Portal right now, so we have kicked off an Early Adopters Program (EAP) with a subset of brokers from the Research Panel to start using Customer Portal with their customers. And we have more brokers who have signed up to be onboarded over the next few weeks.

Next Steps

We have also kicked off planning for further product enhancements with a focus on improving performance and usability, and unlocking more use cases for the portal.

If you are interested in using Customer Portal with your customers or if you have any other feedback about Customer Portal, please contact us at

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