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Static Deal Tabs

Is it possible to have the Heading Tabs (Home/0.Req& Objectives/1.Qualification/2. Max Loan/etc.) and the “Back/Forward”Navigation buttons to move through these tabs not disappear from via when scrolling down?

It would help if it only moved so that these Tab headers stop at the point whereby they scroll up the screen but remain static so that they are directly situated below the Main Flex Tab Headers (Home/Contacts/Opportunities/Applications/etc) and are always visible.

While it may not seem like a big issue, having access to all the Tab Headers within FLEX at all times will save time, as some tabs/pages like the Financial Position page can get quite long whereby you have a lot of scrolling to do to get from the bottom to the top which could be an easy fix.

Category: Other Brodie Waldron-Brown shared this idea

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  • Olivia Zhao says:

    Hi Brodie, thanks for your feedback and we have considered it! The new CRM is built with an intuitive interface and navigation. Contents from the dashboard panel are categorized by a tile layout, which enables users to navigate between different sections at ease. A left navigation is faster and more efficient for users to scan.

    Thanks once again for sharing your feedback and ideas – we appreciate your contributions and insights!

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you had any further questions.

    Olivia Zhao
    UX Researcher at AFG

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