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Qualifications TAB - Living Expenses feature in Flex

Each sub category of the Living Expenses requires manual loading of items to get the total for the sub category of living expenses. eg. Utilities and Rates O/O has the following items Gas, electricity, council rates, water etc. Currently I cannot do the function = and then state each figure in the sub category. It would be great to have the excel function capability that allows us to add each item of living expense. That way if the budget doesn’t match with the clients personal budget (which I do for every client) I can easily cross reference the sub totals by looking at all the items for each sub category to see why the budget doesn’t reconcile. With so many figures to input it is difficult sometimes to check the individual items in each sub category because it only ALLOWS you to input the total for each sub category. It is therefore a manual process of using your calculator and then inputting the total. I have improvised by using excel that replicates the living expenses table in Flex…but I then have to input this across when finished. So its double handling. Hope this makes sense. 🙂

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