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1 vote

New Flex Upgrade

would like to see the “Feature Notes” on the Requirements and Objectives page standardised as much as possible. This should be able to pre-populate from the tick boxes selected by…

Category: Broker Portal 0 comments
6 votes


I’d like to track progress of a file from meeting to settlement, especially in between when I assign the file to my assistant or loan processor, I’d like to see…

Category: Broker Portal 0 comments
4 votes

Efficiency is the Key - The TAB key!

With data entry a main part of our jobs now, it is essential to be able to move through the data fields quickly, efficiently and logically using the TAB button…

Category: Broker Portal 1 comment
5 votes

Change to Commission Split Disclosure

Amend the “Upfront Commission” tab to allow you to input the loan amount that commission will be paid on so that when you are doing an increase it will calculate…

Category: Broker Portal 0 comments

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