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1 vote

Customer 360 activity templates

Can you please make the activity templates available to use in pipeline after the 360 has been sent to the customer. Currently once its locked we cant set an activity…

Category: Customer Portal 0 comments
3 votes

FHLDS Filter

FHLDS filter to enable comparison for the lenders that offer this feature

Category: Other 1 comment
5 votes


Docusign to be integrated in to flex for Credit guides and CP & PCAs and lender accreditations or AFG to purchase under an enterprise package and the fee can be…

Started Category: AFG Suite 3 comments
5 votes

Improved file attachment uploads

Currently, uploading multiple files is painful. Firstly, there is no organisation of files, meaning that a huge list of attachments is impossible to run through efficiently to find what you…

Category: AFG Suite 1 comment
4 votes

Customer Portal Login

Rather than customers having to come with a 12 character password when setting up their profile via Customer360, it would be good if the system can instead send them a…

Category: Customer Portal 1 comment
1 vote

Static Deal Tabs

Is it possible to have the Heading Tabs (Home/0.Req& Objectives/1.Qualification/2. Max Loan/etc.) and the “Back/Forward”Navigation buttons to move through these tabs not disappear from via when scrolling down? It would…

Category: Other 1 comment
1 vote

New Flex Upgrade

would like to see the “Feature Notes” on the Requirements and Objectives page standardised as much as possible. This should be able to pre-populate from the tick boxes selected by…

Category: Broker Portal 0 comments

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