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"Key item" to follow up on Application (status) list

Assuming the list of current Applications in the new “Flex” works in a similar fashion to the existing, where various factors and status are shown about an application… it might be the spot (or somewhere else?) to have a “key item” that is required for that application. ie. “Waiting on Valuation result”, “Waiting on client to provide the partnership Tax returns”, “Need updated payslips from client, but they’re away out of contact”. Anything really that can be the key item to be holding up or stressing the team, so that we can move on as soon as that item arrives or completes. Not saying there aren’t 10 other items to get for that application, but sometimes there’s just that 1 document or situation that is holding the whole deal together – and the team is needing to be reminded.

I think the field could be free-text entry for any item required, but would be nice to be able to add from a list of common items as well?

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