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Docusign to be integrated in to flex for Credit guides and CP & PCAs and lender accreditations or AFG to purchase under an enterprise package and the fee can be added to our monthly fee as an extra $1 or $2 as the cost will be spread across the AFG group.

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  • Olivia Zhao says:

    Hi Craig, you’ll be pleased to know that this feature has now been built into our new CRM! To ensure an efficient workflow, Compliance documents will be available for digital signature via DocuSign.

    If you’d like to get a quick overview of what features we’ve got planned, what we’re currently working on, and what’s been built and released on the platform, check out the product roadmap here https://labs.afgonline.com.au/roadmap/

    Olivia Zhao
    UX Researcher at AFG

  • Francis Bray says:

    Hi Olivia,

    I just called the HELP Desk and, after being on hold for 10 mins, I asked how to use the new exciting DocuSign features. They don’t exist. I was told that they are NOT implemented, but there are negotiations with DocuSign so that it may be released with CRM 2.0 later this year. It looks like for the time being that we keep using our antiquated paper methods or continue to pay big $$ to third party firms like FileInvite to do client data capture, document upload and digital signing. I am certainly looking forward to CRM 2.0, and have been for a long time.

    • Olivia Zhao says:

      Hi Francis,

      Thank you for your feedback. My sincere apologies for the confusion. Whilst not available in our current system Flex, digital signature will be available in the new upcoming system, which is simply named CRM. The new system will be released in the near future, aiming to ease the process of signing documents for you with DocuSign. 

      Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you had any further questions.

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