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Count down in "business days" for any tasks/dates

“Dates” are great… but “How many work/business days do we have to sort this out?” can be better! Looking at a finance due date, the urgency can be missed – when not considering weekends, staff, public holidays and the general work load. If a date is shown it could be good to have a method of showing the number of business days until that event. eg. As of 13/10/2020…. the application might show – Finance Due 23/10/2020… (8) to indicate 8 Business days remaining. This can help with organising which tasks to work on.

Category: Broker Portal Linda Brnjich shared this idea

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  • Olivia Zhao says:

    Hi Linda, thanks for sharing this idea! Our Product Team will review this feature request as a potential future enhancement to CRM.

    Stay tuned for updates on this request and we look forward to hearing more of your suggestions!

    Olivia Zhao
    UX Researcher at AFG

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