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Annual Review Email/Fact Find Type Template

Have a template that we can send customers quickly that asks questions around a basic home loan review I.e. gets details of current rate, are they finding offset beneficial, do they have any plans to invest, renovate, etc. A simple and short questionnaire that feeds back to CRM and allows us to add notes on outcome or turn into full fact find/opportunity.

Category: Broker Portal, Customer Portal Cherie Knock shared this idea

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  • Olivia Zhao says:

    Hi Cherie, thanks for sharing this idea! Our Product Team will review this feature request as a potential future enhancement to CRM. If you’d like to get a quick overview of what features we’ve got planned, what we’re currently working on, and what’s been built and released on the platform, check out the product roadmap https://labs.afgonline.com.au/roadmap/

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