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After settlement Rate Type Changes/Interest Rate Discounts Tracked in CRM and added to the Smart Marketing i.e Red Alerts

Can CRM have a way we can add current rate type and discounts into it from rate reviews AFTER settlement that would then feedback into the Smart marketing i.e. the client fixes a loan at any point after settlement, currently if we want a reminder that this new fixed is ending we need to create an activity. It would be so much more beneficial if we can load it in the CRM that on X date the client fixed at X rate for 2yrs and to select that the smart marketing does the auto contact’s etc like they do now with red alerts. To extend on that, if we can add variable rate reviews (discounts off variable more so then the rate itself although that would be amazing) too and if one hasn’t been added for say 2-3yrs then extra prompts are made to broker and customer to review.

Looking after current clients takes up a lot of time, so I’d love ways to have CRM help with this.

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  • Olivia Zhao says:

    Hi Cherie, thanks for sharing this idea with in-depth details! The Product Team will review this feature request as a potential future enhancement to our new CRM. Thanks once again for sharing your feedback and ideas – we appreciate your contributions and insights!

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