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2 votes

Fixed Rates

Show how much extra is allowed to be repaid before being penalised eg. $10 000 pa or $20 000 during the fixed rate term – currently not shown on all…

Category: Other 0 comments
3 votes

FHLDS Filter

FHLDS filter to enable comparison for the lenders that offer this feature

Category: Other 1 comment
1 vote

Static Deal Tabs

Is it possible to have the Heading Tabs (Home/0.Req& Objectives/1.Qualification/2. Max Loan/etc.) and the “Back/Forward”Navigation buttons to move through these tabs not disappear from via when scrolling down? It would…

Category: Other 1 comment
3 votes

Apply Online access

Direct access to Apply Online via a new Tab and/or the Apply Online App as opposed to accessing exclusively via the Application Tab. This will enable a more efficient process…

Category: Other 2 comments
11 votes

Add a Funds to Complete Calculator

Add a Funds to Complete Calculator that will automatically calculate LVR, Stamp Duty, Lender Fees, LMI, etc based on the property value and customer deposit.

Category: Other 1 comment
5 votes

Single point of Accreditation

Too much time is taken to gain and keep accreditations up to date. Also much duplication of effort. AFG should create a single channel that is acceptable to all lenders.

Category: Other 1 comment
2 votes

Rate changes

When rates change (ie after RBA announcement) all the lenders change their rates on different dates. I’d like to see maybe a colour code to the listed rate to indicate…

Category: Other 1 comment

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