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At AFG, we’re focused on building innovative solutions for the future and connecting the demands of your brokering business with the smartest technology.

AFG Labs is the place where we come together to push the limits of innovation and reimagine ways to grow your business by staying ahead of the market.

It’s also a place where you can discover insights on our blog, get a sneak peek into our latest projects and have your say to help guide our focus.

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The AFG Labs team members come from all parts of the AFG business to work with our technology partners on applied innovation for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We’re financial leaders, marketers, designers, developers, UX & UI specialists, data scientists, cybersecurity experts, customer experience professionals and change managers.

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The panel is an exclusive group of brokers that are helping to shape AFG technology by participating in a range of research activities. To express your interest, simply complete the registration form. Please note that places are limited.

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